How to create your own wedding place cards

Weddingbird is an easy to use place card maker for creating your own personalised wedding place cards. We have many place card templates to choose from and the ability to customise fonts and colors to suite your wedding theme. Here are three easy steps to get started.

1. Choose a template

Weddingbird has a number of different themes available from traditional to a more modern looking one. Looking for some inspiration? The inspiration board is the perfect place for getting ideas.

2. Upload your guest list

There are currently two ways to upload your guest list to Weddingbird - manually or uploading a CSV file.

select the pen icon to enter your guest name and table number into each row manually. Or select the CSV file icon to import a guest list using a CSV file. Weddingbird accepts CSVs in a two-column format, the first column being that of the guest’s name, and the second being that of their corresponding table number. Check out the example below on how to structure your CSV.

You can always use the Weddingbird guest list editor for editing guest names, editing table numbers, removing or adding guests. Once you’re happy with your guest list, you can preview it to make sure everything is exactly how you want it, by clicking the view my guest list button below.

3. Styling your place cards

Next, we’re going to style the place cards. You can select fonts for the guest name and table number, as well as colours for them too. Going for a themed wedding? Check out these ideas on how you might style your place cards to suit your theme. Weddingbird also allows you to see what your place cards might look like on paper of different colours. Keep in mind this background colour is only a guide to help you select your paper colour, and will not be printed.

All Weddingbird place cards will be printed on a transparent background to allow you to freely choose whatever paper colour you like. Check out our place card paper guide to learn more about different paper types and how they can give different feels to your wedding.

Happy place card generating!